Bondi Designs is an urban fashion line that uses beading techniques from around the world to make bold and colorful modern fashion statements. Wearing Bondi Designs is a way to express oneself through unique handmade craft. By incorporating ancient beading techniques into a modern fashion landscape, value is given to the timely process of the beading tradition. Bondi Designs works together with women and their families to carry on bead weaving as a way to represent ancestral traditions and support economic growth and independence.


Kerry Teuila Bondi Donohue, owner and designer of Bondi designs, was born and raised on the island of Samoa. Her designs are influenced by the vibrant tropical village lifestyle in which she grew up; as well as, her family background of craft artisans. Her bead weaving knowledge comes from extensive time in rural communities throughout the Americas, learning techniques and cultural context to beadwork. From these experiences, she brings something unique to the modern fashion platform that highlights the beauty that results from the patience, and focus that goes into intricate seed bead work.


Kerry has been the owner of various entrepreneurial endevours. ChocolArte was an artisanal cafe she started that produced bean to bar chocolate and coffee in Mindo, Ecuador; as well as, ArteSana Paisana, a beaded jewelry business. All of her entrepreneurial endevours have emphasized the connection between giving value to craftsmanship in order to support economic growth and independence for women and their families. As a single mother, and businesswoman, with a fiercely independent spirit, she strives to support women in their craft and economic independence.


If you are not satisfied with your product within the first 7 days of purchase, and the product has not been worn, please use the form below  with RETURN in the subject line, and we will accommodate you accordingly for a full refund.



We recognize for many customers our caps become their favorite clothing accessory and the caps are worn to death. We’ve found that although the cap may be damaged and worn, the beadwork remains vibrant and intact. For our customers who are interested, we are able to offer cap replacements. A cap replacement takes the original beadwork and applies it to a new cap, leaving the customer with a brand new cap!